All patterns sold by The Red Saltbox™ come hand-drawn on primitive linen, along with a red silk-screened label for identification of the hooker, date the rug was hooked, and that it's an authentic rug pattern by The Red Saltbox™. (Exception: paper patterns, mug mats/coaster patterns, trivet patterns)  Please make sure that if you purchase a Red Saltbox™ pattern from another source, that it has a red silk-screened label attached to it.  Any Red Saltbox™ pattern without this special silk-screened label, should be considered a copyright violation.  Please notify us of any source that is selling this type of pattern.

We do allow rug hookers to hook and sell the finished rugs made from our patterns in small quantity. Although a linen pattern should be purchased for each rug hooked and sold by the hooker. In other words, we do not allow our designs to be transferred and used more than one time.

No part of this webpage or rug designs may be reproduced, printed, or used in any form without the express written permission of Wendy Miller of The Red Saltbox™.  We DO NOT allow derivative work of our designs.  All designs are protected by copyright and may not be used for commercial use. 

Please respect and abide by all copyright laws.  Thank you.

©1999-2012 Wendy Miller/The Red Saltbox™. All rights reserved.

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