The Building of Wendy's red saltbox!!!

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- JUNE 2002 -
Before pic of building site, cutting the driveway back to building site, and digging the basement!

- JULY 2002 -
Setting basement walls

- AUGUST 2002 -
Basement slab preparation and pouring, finished slab for house

- SEPTEMBER 2002 -
Floor joists and decking on first floor, framing all floors

- OCTOBER 2002 -
Still framing! Roof on saltbox, and framing garage

- NOVEMBER 2002 -
Finishing up framing!

- DECEMBER 2002 -
Our first 'houseguest', starting exterior trim/siding on house, starting fireplaces,
windows installed, more siding and window heads installed

- JANUARY 2003 -
Still continuing with exterior trimwork, first barn was torn down to reclaim beams for house

- FEBRUARY 2003 -
Exterior trimwork continues, insulating interior,
barn beams from one of our old barns installed in gathering room cathedral ceiling

- MARCH 2003 -
Exterior trimwork continues, Roofing started, Drywalling interior, fireplace hearths started

-  APRIL - MAY - 2003 -
Not much changed on the project, so no pics posted!

JUNE 2003 -
Three Rumford fireplaces going in, barn beams going up on ceilings

-  JULY 2003  -

AUGUST 2003  -
Interior brickwork on Rumford fireplaces, front chimney construction

- SEPTEMBER 2003 -
Exterior Painting almost complete, chimneys complete

- OCTOBER 2003 -
Installation of pine flooring continuing, staircases and loft railing in progress

- MARCH 2004 -
After fire pictures

- APRIL 2004 -
Rebuilding of carriage house has started, pine floors being finished on the interior

- MAY/JUNE 2004 -
Rebuilding of carriage house continues, patios and walks started,
first phase of kitchen installation in saltbox

- JULY 2004 -
Rebuilding of carriage house is progressing, exterior views of saltbox
and carriage house, kitchen counters installed

- OCTOBER 2004 -
Interior Painting of saltbox

- JANUARY 2005 -
Finishing up last items in saltbox, final inspections this month

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