Clingy Thingy™ Scissor/Hook Magnet
From The Red Saltbox™



Primitive Flower

Primitive Angel

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Primitive Heart

*** Wools will please let us choose wools! ***

$18.00 each

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Our Clingy Thingy™ scissor/hook magnet has been so popular over the years,
we decided to offer them here on the website. Once you use a Clingy Thingy™,
you will wonder what you did before you owned one!

Our Clingy Thingy™ Magnet is hand made using only
the finest quality wools and magnets

Our Clingy Thingy™ has a super strong magnet, that will hold your scissors and hook as you
hook your rug on your frame.  Simply place one half of the magnet on top of your rug work
area, and then place the other  half underneath your rug, and the magnets will stick together
through your rug and all it's loops!  Also wonderful for all kinds of needlework projects
where you would like your scissors easily accessible as you work.

Clingy Thingy™ Magnet -  $18.00 each
*Wools may vary from pictures

The strong magnets we use in our  Clingy Thingy™ will even hold a Miller hook.

*** Please Note:  Your rug hook must be steel to stick to our Clingy Thingy™ Magnet.

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